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Bold and Brave Great Grandmother
Passion for Color

Micki teaching a recent class

Micki became hooked on knitting at her grandmother’s knee over 75 years ago and hasn’t put down her needles since.  However, her designs definitely are “not your grandmother’s” knitting.  Micki’s use of color and texture are bold—brazen even—and styled for the 21st century.


Primarily a knitter, Micki became a designer by necessity (her mind couldn’t stay wrapped around someone else’s patterns).  Later, she was seduced by her small, motley flock of rare breed sheep to learn to spin their fleece.  The sheep have moved on to coerce yet another knitter.  Their fleece, now yarn, grace many a sweater, a whole pile of accessories, with bits and pieces still hiding in the “worm” basket awaiting incorporation into some hooking project or another. (Hooking is the lesser of her fiber art addictions.)

In the Fall of 2016, Micki moved her studio to a wonderful farm in Boyce, VA.  With a newly renovated house, Knitty Knotty Cottage,   she has a whole space dedicated to her fiber art.  She plans to offer her clothing and accessories at area craft shows and with private showings at her studio. Her work is also available at Berryville Treasures in Berryville,


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